Pep Rally

 Pep Rally
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March 10,  2017

  Spirit Stick  WinnerS

Pep Rally
Pep Rally
   7th grade vs. 8th grade
Theme: Decades 70’s vs. 80’s
MC: The Lovely Patricia Longoria
Special Guest: TORROS Mascot
March 12, 2017


Event 1:
Fashion-Students and teachers are encouraged to dress their designated decade. The 8th graders will dress in 80’s attire and 7th grade students and teachers will dress in 70’s attire. Everyone that dresses in the theme will step forward when called on, they will have 20 seconds to gather and pose for a photo, the judges will observe each grade and select their favorite.

Event 2:
Puzzle race- 3 boys 3 girls will race to put a baby puzzle together they will have to accomplish this while crawling in their hands and knees like an infant, first to finish wins.

Event 3:
Trivia Game- Guess what decade the song is from, movie, president, Students and teachers are encouraged to study 70s and 80’s music, movies, history, etc. (2 teachers and 2 students 1 male 1 female)

Event 4:
Oreo cookie challenge -(1 teacher, 2 students from each team, 1 girl 1 boy)
Event 5: “this blows” relay race: Student will use balloon air to knock over cups from the table, once they finish they will have to run to the 2nd student tag there hand and kick the soccer ball between to cones, first to get it in the goal wins. An extra 2 students will be needed to bring back the ball if the kick isn’t good.

Event 6:
Rubrics Cube Relay – 3 students from each grade level. (Each participant must bring their own rubrics cube)

Event 7:
Hula Hoop competition- 1 teacher, 2 girls and 2 boys from each grade level, last man standing wins this endurance battle.

Event 8:
Tissue Relay Race: 1 student will knock over several water bottles with a tennis ball that will hanging from a stocking worn on their head. They will run to the next person tag their hand and the 2nd student will proceed to empty a tissue box one Kleenex at a time till it’s completely empty they will smash the empty box with their feet then run to the 3rd student who will need to make a free throw shot with the basketball.

The Choir will perform while the judges tally the results.
Teams will also be judged on sportsmanship, teacher participation, and team spirit. We want all students to participate in the pep rally so keep track of who is doing what so that the same students are not doing all the work and preparation for the competitions.