Parent Appreciation

 PSTO Meeting Dates
 August 30, 2017
 September 19, 2017
 October 17, 2017
 November 28, 2017
 January 23, 2018
 February 20, 2018
 March 20, 2018
 April 17, 2018
 May 22, 2018

*Meetings are held in Gateway to the World Library conference room at 5:30 am.


Our campus library has books and videos on parenting and parenting related topics available for you to check out.  You may check these out through your child’s ID#.  We encourage you to tour our library and use these resource.

2017-2018 PSTO Officers
Position Name
 President  Vanessa Hamel
 Vice President  Ester R. Volpe
 Treasurer  Monica Garza
 Secretary  Heather Fallek
 Dawn Salazar
 Historian  Gina Espinoza
 8th Grade Rep  Ruben Herrera LEAD
 Raquel Garcia
 Frank Garcia
 Alicia Garcia
 7th Grade Rep  Jenny Miller LEAD
 Monica Gonzalez
 Melinda Espinoza
 Cris Garcia
 Blanca Moya
 Sandra Munoz
 Maribel Gallegos
 Faculty Liaison  Patricia Power