STPA Student Wins Letters to Authors Writing Contest

STPA Student Wins Letters to Authors Writing Contest
Posted on 04/10/2017
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In December, over forty students submitted entries in the Letters to Authors Writing Contest sponsored by the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.. Out of 2,037 essays received from the state of Texas, thirty-five semi-finalists made it to the next round on March 3rd. Ten of these thirty-five semi-finalists were English I students from Ms. Patricia Power's classes. Eleven finalists were named, of which four were entrants from STPA. On March 10, Ms. Power was notified that Cynthia Onyiorah was awarded first place for her letter to Jodi Picoult, and Jimena Sotelo was awarded third place her letter to Michelle Hodkin. Cynthia will be traveling to San Antonio to present her letter on April 20th to the Texas Library Association. Her letter will go into national competition vying with the best letters from all fifty states. The winners of national competition will be announced in the summer. Congratulations to Cynthia, Jimena and the other semi-finalists from STPA. This is just more evidence of how amazing our STPA scholars are! We are all exceedingly proud of them for their literary prowess.

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