Required Summer Reading List (1)

Required Summer Reading List
Posted on 06/01/2019

 STPA Required Summer Reading 2019-2020

Assigned Reading for 7th Grade Students

The Giver
The Giver 2
The Giver
Lois Lowry
7th grade students will do the following after reading:

  1. Answer Summer Reading reflection questions and complete a graphic organizer to be turned in on the first day of class.  Click HERE to download the Summer Reading Assignment. 

  2. Take an Accelerated Reader test for the book in the library once school starts 

  3. Additional activities and novel analysis will be conducted in the classroom. 

Assigned Reading for 8th Grade Students

   Alan Gratz

8th grade
 ELA Students

1. Purchase a copy of Refugee by Alan Gratz, read it, and enjoy it!
2. Locate and print out a recent article (past six months) from a local, state, or national newspaper or periodical that deals with the problems of recent refugees coming to America. Read the article and be ready to identify any similarities to Refugee. Bring this article to your ELA class on the first day of school. 
3. Be prepared to write a one-page summary in your ELA class.  Optional resources to help you in reading and understanding Refugee can be found at:
4. Take an Accelerated Reader test for Refugee in the library once school starts. AR details will be given upon entry at school.

Assigned Reading for 8th Grade  English 1 Students
Of Mice and Men

 Of Mice and Men
John Steinbeck
8th grade English 1 students will  complete the following assignment:

 Click HERE to download the assignment.​