Pep Rally

 Pep Rally
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October20,  2017

Spirit Stick Winner

Pep Rally
Pep Rally
   Theme: Super Hero
Hosted by: Team 71
October 20, 2017


Students and staff are encouraged to dress as their favorite super hero!

7th grade will be representing the DC comic group (Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, etc)

8th grade will represent the Marvel comic group (Spider-man, Hulk, Iron Man, etc)

Event 1:

Best Dressed Contest

  • There will be a first place and second place. Ex. If 7th grade wins, both teams will get 1st place points for this event and both 8th grade teams will get 2nd place points, or vice versa. 
  •  By grade level, both teams will select students with the best costume.  5 from each team will represent your grade level. Total of 10 students per grade level.  Students will stand in front of judges so they can select the “best dressed” 

Event 2:
Pep Rally Dance

  • Pep rally dance squad will perform

Event 3:
Cheetos Toss- 1 teacher and 2 students

  • Teacher will have a shower cap with shaving cream and 2 students will alternate to toss as many Cheetos on teacher’s head within 1 min. The team with most Cheetos wins 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place.

Event 4: 

STPA Choir

  • STPA choir will perform.

Event 5:

Find the Bubble Gum

  • Students will search for bubble gum in cool whip. 1st team to blow a bubble wins, etc.

Event 6:
Scooter/Balloon Race- 3 students and 1 teacher

  • 1st Student will blow up a balloon then scoot their way, on their belly, across gym and then pop the balloon. 
  • 2nd student will blow up a balloon then scoot their way, backward, to starting line and pop balloon. 
  • 3rd student will blow a balloon then scoot, on belly, to teacher and pop balloon.

  • 4th teacher will blow a balloon and make their way to finish line, seated on scooter.