Pep Rally

 Pep Rally
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 August 24,  2018

Spirit Stick Winner

Pep Rally
Pep Rally
 Hosted by: Administration
August  24, 2018


Relay Race
• 3 students (at least 1 boy and 1 girl) & 1 teacher 
•Each team will have someone at a station.
• 1st person will need to make 2 bags in a corn hole. If they miss with the 4 bags given team member 2 will collect the missed bags and hand them back to team member #1.
• As soon as both bags have been made team member #2 will need to toss 5 balls into a laundry basket, which will be on team member #3’s head. If any balls are missed team member #4 can collect them and hand them back.
• Once all 5 balls have been made, team member number 4 will have to walk in “big foot” shoes that will have 10 balls attached to them. If any ball comes off the shoe before reaching the finish line; 5 seconds, for each ball, will be taken off the finish time.

Cheerio Challenge

• 2 students (1 boy and 1 girl) & 1 teacher
• The teacher will sit in a chair while the 2 students build a cheerio tower on their face. 
• Relay race type race.
• They can choose where on the face. 
• Whoever has the most amount of cheerios balanced at the end of time wins.

 Bucket Ball
• 8 students (4 girls & 4 boys) & 1 teacher
• A basket will contain a X amount of balls. It will also have 8 strings attached to it.
• The students will have to communicate to tilt the basket and dispense the balls into another basket that is located below them.
• Whoever has the most balls in their 2nd basket at the end of time wins.
• If more than 1 team places all the balls in, whoever finished the quickest will win.

Ballon Tower
• 6 students (3 boys & 3 girls)
• Each team will be given a pack of 25 balloons that they will need to blow up and construct a tower.
• They will also have a roll of masking tape. The tower will need to be free standing. ONLY the balloons touching the floor can be taped down.
•  Whoever has the tallest tower at the end of time wins.