Pep Rally

 Pep Rally
Team 71
Team 72
Team 83
Team 84 



March 10,  2017

  Spirit Stick  WinnerS

Pep Rally
Pep Rally
    March 10, 2017
Hosted by: Team 84
Theme: "Hawaiian Beach Party"


Spirit Week
· Monday is Hat and Sunglasses Day (crazier the better)
· Tuesday is Red Day. (dress in Red)
· Wednesday is Squad Day. (we want people to find groups of others, or organize with their friends to dress as a group. Example a group of 4 can be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as a Music Group, or a huge group can all dress as the Smurfs!)
· Thursday is Scrabble Word Day. Each student comes to school with a shirt that has a letter on it to use, can be one they made themselves or a store bought shirt. The point is for the kids to have fun, and take pictures with other students to make words. The larger words the better. Lets try to get all the students to make a sentence!)
· Friday is Bright Color Day (we did this last year, and I randomly rearranged the colors, and each team will be designated a different color than last year.
o Team 71 is Bright Blue
o Team 72 is Bright Yellow
o Team 83 is Bright Pink
o Team 84 is Bright Green


Rolling Thunder
(4 students)
There will be a target in the middle with point values.
Each team will have 4 tennis balls, marked with tape for the team bright color.
Roll the balls to gather points. After all 4 balls are rolled, scores will be tallied.
You can knock out someone else’s ball. (strategy)

Student Ambassadors
We will have the 2 student ambassadors for the 3rd-9 weeks from each team (1 boy and 1 girl)

Team 71- Keith Beteng and Andrea Cantu
Team 72- William Sauceda and Nilani NMuthoo-Limon
Team 83- Amrit Bhakta and Alyna Valentine
Team 84- Krish Patel and Riya Manohar

In the event they are not here, one person will be randomly chosen by a judge.
Hawaiian Gauntlet
(4 students)
One student will eat pineapple out of whipped cream
One student will drink pineapple soda using a straw
Two students will run with a tiki torch relay style around the outside of the gym.

Kiwi Battle
(4 students)
Relay style race with wooden spoon pushing a kiwi fruit