The first PSTO meeting is on February 21, 2017  at 5:30 p.m. in Gateway to the World Library conference room.


Our campus library has books and videos on parenting and parenting related topics available for you to check out.  You may check these out through your child’s ID#.  We encourage you to tour our library and use these resource.

2016 Spartan Olympics Forms

5K Pledge
Spartan Olympics Sponsorship

2016-2017 PSTO Officers

President                                   Kimberly Morales/Kavita Patel
Vice President                         Vanessa Guerra Hamel
Secretary                                    Alma Uribe
Treasurer                                     Carolina Mohme/ Michelle Gutierrez
Parliamentarian                      Sabita Mahtani/Claudia Noyola
Historian                                     Maria Alicia Garcia/ Cordelia Garza
7th Grade Advocate               Ruben Herrera/Jessica Lynn-Macrae
8th Grade Advocate               Monica Garza

Parents interested in learning more about the PSTO activity may call Jennifer Longoria at  381-5522.